Three Dapper Directors

by Amy L. Silva Rigtrup

On this week’s episode of The Silva Lining, I held my second Funeral Director Round Table. I’ve never met a funeral director that I wasn’t intrigued and inspired by. Those of us called to this profession are truly some of the most genuine, unique, compassionate and people on the planet. Being in the profession myself, I get to meet my fellow colleagues on multiple occasions. With this show, podcast and blog, I’d love to share with you some incredible funeral directors - hoping to inspire you as well. Get to know your local funeral directors. Everything meaningful in life centers around relationships. Why not take the time to build that relationship well before you need to?

My guests on this panel were Jeffrey Bernardo, J.J. Duffy Funeral Home, Cumberland, RI; Andrew Correia, Cranston-Murphy Funeral Home of Wickford, RI and J.H. Williams & Co. Funeral Home, East Providence, RI; and Larry Quintal, Silva Funeral Home, Taunton, MA - (this beautiful funeral home is run by my cousins, a branch of the family that also dates back to my great great grandfather, Mariano J. Silva)

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast dated 4/14/2016

Now, on to the dapper…

I had to use that term in the title for many reasons, besides the obvious fact that these three suited gentlemen were a very handsome lot (and I’m still kicking myself for forgetting to take a picture). Something was mentioned during the show and also in the first Round Table - a theme if you will - about the evolving role and perception of the funeral director. The visual I had in the studio joined by these three dapper men brought it all together for me. We are not your grand daddy’s undertaker and the suit says it all. Instead of an essence of The Addams Family, these three dapper men exuded a vibe in the studio more akin to Ocean’s Eleven. The funeral directors of today, men and women alike, suited up, represent integrity, sincerity, pride and service, not the old stereotype of morbid silent and macabre.

We had a lively conversation about our thoughts on this changing industry, achieving work/life balance, and my favorite - sharing the different reasons they were each “called” into the profession. 

So don’t be shy, if you find yourself in a social gathering with a funeral director, say hello! You’ll be glad you did. There might be some incredible conversation, questions answered and a relationship started that might become the foundation of a very meaningful bond that will guide you through a difficult time in the gentlest way possible.

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