Pre-Planning Basics

by Amy L. Silva Rigtrup

There are many benefits to pre-planning a funeral, wether pre-funded or not, but the most important benefit is relieving the stress on your loved ones when they are faced with arranging your funeral. Knowing your wishes are expressed and written out, along with the funeral director already having all of your vital information, is a huge part of the burden that's removed and financially planning for the funeral goes even further to eliminate the burden altogether.

Most funeral homes, including ours, will not charge or require obligation for meeting with us to discuss pre-planning a funeral. Starting the conversation with your funeral director is key to discovering the broad scope of your situations and figuring out the best solution for your needs and wishes. It never hurts to mention that it may be more convenient for you if the funeral director could possibly meet with you off-site, like in your home, a nursing care facility, etc. With the help of technology, funeral directors can present you with all of the needed materials that a pre-arranged funeral would require.

At no cost, you always have the option of discussing and expressing your wishes for the funeral director to maintain a record of. If you are interested in pre-funding your funeral, your director will walk you through all of the options available.

Our strongest suggestion to families intending to make pre-arrangements is that they involve and include atlas one member of their family. It is important that your family is on board with your wishes and share understanding about how the pre-arrangement works, as they will be the ones to execute them when the time comes. Every now and then, we come across family members that call us and other funeral homes inquiring about their loved one's plans because they don't know which funeral home they met with.

It is important to know that when pre-funding a funeral, you are not actually paying the funeral for services - because there are no services rendered until the death takes place - rather, you are putting money towards the promise of service in the future. Once an amount is chosen for the intended funeral arrangements, 100% of the money you pre-fund is placed in a "vehicle" (insurance/trust/annuity) where the funds can not be accessed until the entity holding the money receives a death certificate. 

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