Legally Speaking...

by Amy L. Silva Rigtrup

Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA), Health Care Proxy, Wills, Probate and Estates - the mere thought of these items comes wrought with confusion, red-tape and misconceptions. Today on The Silva Lining, along with my guest, Atty. Martin A. Silva, we aimed to simplify and explain them all. 

At Silva-Faria Funeral Homes, we are fortunate that one of our owners/funeral directors is also a lawyer. Martin's broad knowledge of the entire scope of end-of-life-planning from both sides of his background, make him an invaluable asset to many of the families that we serve.

In terms of planning or "getting affairs in order", DPOA, Health Care Proxy and Wills ensure that your wishes and property are handled as you intend in the instance that you become incompetent or pass away. Everything revolves around competency - putting elements legally in place while still competent is key and the ultimate goal is to make things as simple and easy as possible for your family and loved ones.

Please feel free to comment with questions here on the blog, email me privately at or call Silva-Faria Funeral Homes toll free at (888) 627-7847. To reach Atty. Martin A. Silva, his specific legal line is (508) 673-8143

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