The Silva Lining Premieres

by Amy L. Silva Rigtrup

Today was the premiere of The Silva Lining on WSAR 1480AM. Thank you to everyone that listened and called in. If you missed it, the podcast is posted here.

This show was mostly an introduction to who I am, why I'm doing this show, the history of my funeral home and why I became a funeral director. I also mentioned some of the topics I'd like to discuss in upcoming shows.

Next week's guest will be Father Mike Racine from St. Bernard Church in Assonet to discuss the Catholic funeral. 

Please feel free to comment or reach out to me privately with any questions you'd like answered or topics you'd like me to discuss.

My questions for you:

What have you always wanted to ask a funeral director, but never had the opportunity?

Have you ever attended a funeral and had a personalized or unique element stand out?

Have you ever thought about your own funeral? Are there elements you assume can't be done?

This week, we were proudly sponsored by:

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FINE was my alma mater, located in Norwood, MA. Thanks to their amazingly flexible scheduling I was able to complete the program in under two years while working. I felt confidently over-prepared for my six hour board exam and I’m not alone - the NBE passing rate for FINE is 20% higher than the national average! Under new ownership and management, FINE is ahead of the curve, with a stronger than ever focus on student experience and job placement. At FINE you will gain the most thorough knowledge of every aspect of the funeral industry at the hands of their highly dedicated, experienced and skilled faculty in it’s newly renovated facilities. As a proud alumnus, I will always be available for help or advice about FINE. Wether you are slightly interested, ready to enroll or an active student, I am here for you - email me anytime