It's All About The Sacraments

by Amy L. Silva Rigtrup

One of the things I love most about being a funeral director is that I get to work with, observe and learn from many different religions, denominations and spiritual beliefs. As funeral directors, we have to be open to any spiritual backgrounds and requests possessed by the families we serve. Getting to know all of the various church communities and witness the many types of services and customs is an opportunity most don't get to experience. 

On this show, I hope to provide that chance to all of my listeners and readers by highlighting and interviewing clergy, pastors, rabbis, gurus, ministers and celebrants from different religions and denominations. 

This started today on The Silva Lining,  with our guest, Rev. Mike Racine from St. Bernard Church in Assonet, MA. We discussed everything you need to know about a Catholic Funeral.

For more information about St. Bernard Church, visit 

On their website, you will find a guide for families wishing to plan a funeral by clicking "Services" and choosing "Funerals" in the drop down menu.

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