Goodbye.... For Now

by Amy L. Silva Rigtrup

Thursday was my final live episode on the glorious radio waves of WSAR 1480AM. Being able to have been on the air for almost two years talking about necessary topics that are very hard to discuss, has been a journey I will always treasure. 

I'd like to thank every guest, listener, caller supporter and the entire family at WSAR for the experience. Though I will no longer be on the air every week, I vow to continue my mission of bringing light to the darkness, perspective to the pain and awareness to the unspoken. I invite you to subscribe to this blog and stay updated on what is to come as it comes.  

I was so emotional about this last episode, that I truly didn't know what I would say - about as much as I now am unsure how to describe it. Therefore, I will let the podcast speak for itself because amazingly, everything that needed to be said - and more - was said.

 It all comes down to the lives that we touch, the love that we share and the lessons we learn...