Seeking Jordan

by Amy L. Silva Rigtrup

It's not an easy thing to give someone a gift that truly touches them. But that's just what Dr. Matthew McKay, author of Seeking Jordan: How I Learned the Truth about Death and the Invisible Universe, gives to each person that reads his book. Last Thursday, he was also able to continue the gift that his book gave to me and spread that gift out to my listeners. Reading the book that McKay co-wrote with his deceased son Jordan was truly an experience that I will appreciate and always treasure. McKay joined me to talk through the process of losing his son and how he was able to reunite with him and start the process of healing. 

This journey, which for McKay began with induced after death communication, allowed him to experience hearing his son speak to him seven months after his tragic death. This convinced McKay to continue looking for ways to reach out to his son in the afterlife, if only to be able to ask him the two most common questions that we all have when we lose a loved one, "does their soul still exist and are they happy?" McKay began using the ancient art of channeled or automatic writing to communicate with his son on the other side. Through these conversations, McKay was able to begin a journey of healing and understanding that he and Jordan decided should be shared. 

Jordan and McKay's explanation of what happens when we die is both reassuring and relatable for anyone that is fortunate enough to read and experience it. No matter what your beliefs, this description of the afterlife is both comforting and filled with hope. The idea that there is an existence waiting for us that is filled with nothing but love and understanding truly touched my heart. McKay and Jordan's book gives us a better understanding of death but also a better understanding and appreciation for our lives here on earth. 

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast, dated 6/2/2016

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