Say It and Display It

by Amy L. Silva Rigtrup

Today on The Silva Lining, the topics were eulogies and flowers. Eulogies speak to the life, essence and character of a deceased loved one. Flowers display symbols of love for the deceased and support for the family. 

Delivering a eulogy is an honor for the speaker and adds a meaningful and personal touch to the funeral with memories, stories, meaningfulness and humor. In the midst of grief and the exhaustion that comes in the days after a loved one's passing it can become challenging to articulate and compose a eulogy. This is where my guest, Nathan Phillips can offer expert help.  

Along with his wife, Victoria Wellnan, Nathan founded The Oratory Laboratory, an online service dedicated to helping people compose and deliver speeches for any occasion. With eulogies in particular, they have helped hundreds of people deliver one of a kind, poignant and memorable tributes with just the right amount of humor. 

For a taste of their talents, click here to watch Nathan and Victoria on The Martha Stewart Show

Here is a great video collection of incredible eulogies that truly showcase how unique and powerful they can be.  

My second guest was Manuela Senra-Pereira,  owner of Olivia's Floral & Gifts in Fall River. She helped explain all of the different types of floral arrangements made for funerals. Manuela also talked about the limitless ways that custom arrangements can really add so much meaning to the funeral by symbolizing your loved one's personality. If you are looking for a gifted florist with immense creativity and a heart of gold, Manuela is the one for you. Visit Olivia's Floral & Gifts at 700 Bedford Street in Fall River or call (508) 674-0622.

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of the beautiful flowers after the funeral? Silva-Faria Funeral Homes has helped hundreds of families preserve their flowers with Capture Bead Keepsakes. They create handcrafted flower-inclusion rosaries, jewelry and keepsake items - all made from the flowers sent in after the funeral.  

Click here to visit Capture Bead Keepsake's website and view the beautiful items that they make.

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