Mediums: Finding Comfort Through Contact

by Amy L. Silva Rigtrup

When I was studying grief psychology, my favorite professor, John Tormey, presented the various religions and belief systems as a “buffet”. The intention was that as a counselor, you can’t impose your beliefs on those you are helping, rather you have to understand, acknowledge and respect all belief systems so that you can counsel anyone that seeks your help on their terms. I thought this metaphor was genius - and want to accomplish the same thing with my show.

There are so many views, myths, opinions and perceptions about death, dying and grief - but one thing remains consistent in this day and age - the awkwardness in and around talking about it.    

So I invite you, my readers and listeners, without pressure or expectation, to simply wander around my buffet. My promise is to keep it fully stocked with a bounty of traditions, history, customs, options, inspirations, stories, perspectives, resources and education. Peruse at your leisure, assured that nobody will be putting food on your plate. 

All are welcome. Enter and acknowledge, you might be surprised with what you bring back to the table!

With that being said, my addition to the buffet this week is a Psychic Medium, Liz Nowicki. I had been looking for a Medium to come on the show for weeks and I have to say, Liz was brought to me by a certain divine power. When I called last week’s guest, Laura (Nelly”s mother) to talk with her about the show, she was literally just walking out of Liz’s house after having a reading. From that conversation I knew Liz was the one.

On the show she talks about her background since noticing her gift as a child, her experience as the Resident Medium at The Lizzie Borden House and what a reading is like (with me as a subject!). It was an honor to have her on the show and I was truly moved by the things she shared with me. To contact Liz Nowicki, call (774) 488-1464 or email

UPDATED - May 17, 2016: Not only has Liz joined me for a second interview on The Silva Lining, but she also gave me a private reading just days before the show. Though I am a proudly self-proclaimed open minded person who is rarely skeptical of anything, I must admit I am turned off by gimmicks, artificial sincerity and cliches. Absolutely NONE of those elements were present during my reading. I honestly felt the simplicity of what Liz was doing - as complex as it is. In her presence, I could see and feel her listening and processing what the many spirits were trying to share. I heard from family members that I knew and loved and ancestors that I never met. Hearing their messages full of love, guidance and support while also being able to communicate with them is a gift that I will always treasure. The entire experience left me feeling centered, rejuvenated, and infused with inner strength. 

CLICK HERE to listen to Liz's second interview, dated 5/12/2016

People have been seeking out Psychic Mediums for generations, usually for the same reason - to find comfort, peace and hope from contact with those who have passed. Sometimes there are things left unsaid, questions unanswered or comfort found in the assurance of knowing that a loved one is safe, happy and a continued guiding presence.

I found that this website really captures how much Mediums can help the bereaved. It is written and created by a man with a background deeply rooted in seeking evidence that was profoundly affected by a reading with a Psychic Medium. He applied his skills in investigation to help people look beyond their skepticism and find the comfort, peace and hope that can be found from making contact with a lost loved one. Please check it out:

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