Where Do I Start? Organization is the Answer.

by Amy L. Silva Rigtrup

A sudden, tragic death in the family. The numbing, stressful, overwhelming week of funeral planning and grief follows. Just as you catch your breath the phone call comes. It's the deceased's landlord - you have a week to vacate the apartment...

The matriarch of your family, a proud and loving widow that has spent years clinging to her independence and infinite power of effortlessly bringing the family together, is showing signs of dementia. Her house is a museum of family history combined with years of random belongings left behind by various beloved family members that have lived there. Somehow, this five bedroom house needs to be downsized in preparation for assisted living...

Your spouse has a sudden accident that renders him paralyzed. After spending months helping him through rehab, he is almost ready to come home. Home? Is the house wheelchair accessible and ready for him?...

After months of courageous battling with cancer, the doctor starts talking about comfort options and plans are set for home hospice. Is the house ready for the hospital bed in a peaceful, yet accessible place for all of the visiting nurses and loved ones that will be coming by?...

All of these situations lead to the question, "Where do I start?". Looking at the whole house, the entire project, all of the clutter - it's overwhelming. There are people to call and there is great advice out there as well. Either way, the goal is to make an action plan, work out a time frame and simplify, simplify, simplify. In each situation, the best benefit is organization. 

My guest on This week's episode of The Silva Lining was Christopher Graham, Professional Organizer and Proprietor of Around The Clock Organizing. 

We covered so much in the podcast about the benefits of organizing, ways to simplify and even ways to prepare that can even include the family and promote bonding (and probably some hilarious stories) over holiday/family gatherings.

I would truly be doing the podcast an injustice by writing out everything we talked about, so I urge you to listen to it. But I will say this. Getting help, wether hiring help or through researched advice, organizing is the way to go. It takes away that feeling of trepidation as you prepare to move a mountain and replacing it with attainable goals, the mountain gets moved brick by brick - and with a lot less stress.

The bonuses are the "treasures" you will come across. To some, it will be memorabilia, to others, collectible items, vintage clothing, antique/heirloom furniture. With downsizing, especially when the family member that is being transitioned is involved (and already anxious about it) the shared goal of finding those most special items that will be chosen to surround her in her new living space will become extra special to her and everyone that visits.

For more information about Chris and Organizing "Around The Clock" Call (774) 955-0699

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